Warning about Piskelapp offline editor


Everytime i have installed the offline editor my Edge web browser runs super slow.
And when i uninstall Piskelapp, Edge runs normal again.
The offline editor doesn't upload or download anything so there's no reason why it should effect Edge.
Also since i uninstalled Piskelapp, i have to use control/alt/delete and use Task Manager to close the Edge
And clicking the Edge browser icon opens 4 tabs of the Browser. Using Piskelapp on the website shows no problems.
Only using the downloaded program has caused problems.
Maybe malware has damaged the Edge browser.
@Gilbert189 @AHappyCoder @GoatLord




Hmm, sounds interesting. I've only been using the online version, and I've had no issues.


Why edge!? Use explorer! Older but better software. Windows 10?


I was going to download it, but I'm lucky that I didn't! But. I have no problems with the online version on Edge.


Thanks for this!
The website could still be slightly unsafe though D:
Try running it through Virus total :s
Get the zip, go to https://www.virustotal.com/ and put it in :s


Internet Explorer is too old to be used, and I hope it gets removed from Windows.