War of Darkness #1 ADVICE PLEASE


Hi! So, I'm writing a prequel novella that I am going to publish on Hopscotch, but I want someone to read it over and tell me what they think about it so far.

Please correct grammar and other mistakes!


Rise of the Guardians
The Past Awakens
War of Darkness #1
A Prequel By NightcoreStudios
Light in the Forest (Asuna’s POV)
I wrote to my sister, Erin, to come to our Mother's island, of which had recently had time set back into motion after 200,000,000 years. Furiously scribbling on parchment, I clenched my teeth, hoping my sister would come once the message got to M'aincloud where my sister was.
My eyes were glassy as I stepped into the dining hall with the other Guardians. Erin was there this time and nodded as if to say,
Come, sit by me. Please.
I blinked and headed towards the salad bar, and made a small salad. When I stopped at the table where Erin was, and all the others rose to their feet quickly and sprinted away to the other tables. I sighed as I picked at my salad, tears slowly forming at the edges of my eyes. I felt a hand on my shoulder, and turned to find Erin resting her hand on my shoulder as she said, “I don't know why, but no one seems to like you for some reason. But, they’ll come back some day and sit with you like nothing was different about you.” I didn't know what to feel when she finished her last sentence, so, I found my voice. “I know, Erin. But when will ‘some day’ come? I’m a lone wolf in a whole pack, the different and weird one. None of the other Gaurdians of Timelne are treated differently.” I said the last word as if it were poison being poured into my cup.
Later into the night, I was walking around the Serpents Spade Forest, thinking about how I watched Serpents Spade come to be. I remembered the time when my sister and I fought over the table in our bedroom tower, when I found my power, the time I battled Kirito the Protector in Timeswinds, and how he always stood up for me, as the youngest of the Guardians. But I’m nothing special. Just a really weird kid Mira’s bloodline. I thought miserably. Then, I heard a voice I had known since childhood.
“Where are you off to?”
I spun on my heals and looked up. Kirito was in a tree above me, grinning his weird crooked grin. I glared at him as he jumped down and landed on his feet with a small thud. Kirito looked at me closely “Asuna, are you alright?” He asked me. I squeezes my lips together by hazel eyes burning with rage. I broke out of my shell and told him the whole story. How my power was stronger than other’s, why I don't look like either of my parents, and my mother, Mira, her true past.
Kirito stared at me when I finished. “I don't get it! Why can't people see who—” I started, but he cut me off. “People do see who you are,” He paused before starting again “they just don't know what your true nature is like, Asuna.” I thought over this for a moment or two, and then I came to my conclusion. “They just assume the worst, just because of my tittle: Realm Destroyer.” I said quietly.


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