War of Amazingly Lots of Likes and Spam




I'm in a spam like war with @SmilingSnowflakes and @Pingu! I need recruits to like them back! Who will join me in this brawl?!?1?!?1!?1!?1!?!1

  1. @SmilingSnowflakes and I need recruits to join this giant spam like war!
  2. We need to name this war! Any ideas?
  3. Put your name down below if you want to join either my team or @SmilingSnowflakes's and @Pingu's team!

Also, the targets mean who we're spam liking today! Check back here and see who the target will be every time you want to participate! I may change who it is for them!

Also, @SmilingSnowflakes, you can edit your team's target and I can edit my team's target! No one else is allowed to do this (maybe besides @Pingu if you made her a leader too) because they are just soldiers!

Rules of this list:

  • Add yourself only! No adding other people other than yourself!! People will get mad if you add someone else for them! Every time an edit is made, I will check that no other name besides the editor's is there!
  • DO NOT EDIT ANYTHING!!! This includes everything: other people's tags, this whole paragraph thing, and everything else besides your name.
  • This is not a tag list! Do not use this like the Friendly Mass Tag List unless you want to say something to your team/everyone! Other than calling your team or teams, again, don't use this as a tag list!
  • Do not change the target! Only @SmilingSnowflakes, @Pingu (I think) and I can do that since we're team leaders!

If you want to join, put yourself below Rawrbear! Recruits are requests to join! :slight_smile:




NOTE: Do not add your name here! Add it to the team!

TARGET: @Disky!




NOTE: Do not add your name here! Add it to the team!

TARGET: @Maltese!


(This team spams who they'd like to spam!)



Is this really necessary lol


Yes, it is since we keep getting off topic on the drawing topic about it. xP


Oh. I thought the topic name was "Spam Like war" not "necessary." Guess you have to change it! XD


I can't edit it!;crycrycrycry`


I dun get it

(By it, I mean whai)


@Anonymous, can you turn on global edit pls?


youre a regular, how come you can't do it?


All of a sudden, I can't do it on topics anymore. I can only make it a wiki. :thinking:


Global edit is a wiki lol


Facepalms self

Thanks :sweat_smile:


No worries! I put it on already, but you can test if you would like


@Deadfr, you can edit now! :slight_smile:




Yep, they replaced global edit with wiki. Okay! Thanks, @Anonymous!


@Deadfr, if you want to join my team, put your name below my bullet point! :slight_smile:


I've spammed all of them and you already...... XD

What is the point if this? XD


Nothing, we're just doing it for fun XD


Works for me. XD

I am just going to spam like all of you again for fun. :smile:


K turning off my like notifications lol