Not sure if this helps, but the account signed a reply as "from Bad Princess"
My guess is that they changed their username?


That is NOT ok at all! My heart sinks when I see things like this. Not a problem though. @liza @ian should be able to see who made this. I think that you'd need to get his/her IP, and compare it with other. Accounts in that same network? I'm not tech genius, but I think that would make things easier.

@ian @liza, do not hesitate to do this. It might seem like your revealing someone's other account, but this is SERIOUS.

Please fix it! We're counting on you!

Please blur out the word next time. I hope you and @LotsaPizza aren't feeling bad, don't worry. Cyber bullies only do this because of jeloisy. Remember that.


Thought that!
Also looked at the date it was made
Unlikely that the account would go all the way into CyanCat's account just to like that one project.


Sorry, I shouldn't have uploaded it nakedly, but I just thought a warning would suffice :grimacing:
This is unacceptable, if you want to treat people like this, go to a chatting site.


Please don't suspect Cyancat I like that user.


I like her too! But evidence is key here.
It probably WONT be her, but just in case, we'll keep a close eye :wink:


Hmm how is this coming together?!


Does anyone know a way I can help?, I really want to do something about it


Ok, I have a theory:
This person seems pretty much ok except for the username and the hate projects...
So what if they were HACKED?
Just a theory, we could probably dive into this more..
Edit: By "this person", I mean the one with a username that is mean to LotsaPizza


The orange scent account (hate) only started 37 minutes ago


So far? Nothing. Everybody's style is so distinct, but this style is a different story! It's so common, and the eyes aren't showing, so CyanCat remains in the spotlight for now, but My hate account hasn't done anything so far.


I can't believe this is happening on Christmas. :disappointed:


@Poptart0219 I know! That's the problem, they know someone's trying to stand up to them..


Actually, I like how I have a mystery to solve! But not the mystery itself...


Woukd it help if I looked some usernames up and see if there are any accounts?

  • yes
  • no



There is another innapropriate account






Hacked doesn't seem to fit. This person was joined in November, right?
@Lotsapizza, could you please tell me when this person liked your projects?


What is the username????


Also very innapropraite! I thought Hopscotch had stronger filters than this 🙁


I wish not to repeat it, it's the image on the top of this thread.