Hi Guys!
If you find an artist on Hopscotch that has a style like this:

Please post on this topic!
The person in question decided to make a username very derrogative to LotsaPizza, and made a barbaric post about my art and I.
I obviously won't start reporting everything a person does if you do let me know of anybody, because anybody could have this style! But if you want the community to be a kind and safe one, please post on this topic! Thank You!


I'm on the case! But what if this is her only acc?


Thought of that!
It would be unfortunate if that was the case, but I think I've seen art like this before!


I think I have too so I'm on the case!


Inspect her likes, projects, and even code!
This is very important, nobody's mean to my friend and gets away with it!


That's exactly what I'm doing! Often people with 2 acc'is like their own projects!


Sorry, is that still available.............


Ugh, she's a hypocrite! She likes all of LotsaPizza's projects and then cusses her out!
And @Stampys_fans , what do you mean?


I know right! Do you hate her or love her!?!


Being your friend..........


I have seen art like this before, but I can't remember where..


Of course you can!
And guys, I think I know who it is


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That's what I thought! But they kinda draw differently.... I was looking in her favorites and she never liked that users projects


She did! Remember, at the bottom?


Well, they shouldn't, in the terms of service it says 13 or over, it says so in paragraph 2 last sentence, so you haven't memorized the terms of service by heart, that's a first :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


But here's the next question: is that something she would do?
I don't know her enough to say yes, nor can I say no. The art style immediately said CyanCat to me.


I mean on Cyancats account
Edit: I mean cyancat never anything on that acc


Oh, well maybe she didn't want it to be obvious that she liked this persons account?! Humans cover their tracks up pretty good, but in the end, psychology wins :sunglasses:


I honestly don't think the drawing style is that similar to CyanCat's...
Edit: This sounds really mean, but I promise I don't mean it that way!