Want to Turn Notifications Off or On?



Hey! Do you want to learn how to turn notifications on/off? Well, this tutorial will help you!

  1. Go into settings:
  2. Go to "Hopscotch":

    Looking good? Keep at it!
  3. Click on "Notifications":
  4. Now, turn them on/off! You can also change the style of how they pop up:

    Hope this helped! Until next time,


Like your Screensaver! Very good tutorial!!! I like it how you used annotations to mark it up!


Awesome tutorial!! Hope your arm feels better. Also, you used Paper 53. It's super good for getting HSBs!!


Thanks @Phase_Studios and @LazyLizard! Oh and my arm? Transplant went horribly wrong. I should have been gone yesterday. Instead...


What happened? I can't imagine how you feel!! I once got a big oral surgery and the messed up.... Just more big needles. :grin: hope you get well soon!


Knife needle thingy got stuck in my arm, and cut into one major arterie :frowning: i can still live, though :wink:


Oh man... That must be AWFUL... At least you still live though! :wink::wink:


It's from the amazing app called Paper 53. You can get all kinds of HSB from it, too!! I am thinking about making a tutorial!


Awesome tutorial! It really helped me


Kinda painful, but whatever!


Ok awesome 20 Characters


Whenever I think about this, I can feel like I was in surgery. Things to do in surgery:
Eat jello. Seriously. Not just for oral surgery. Just eat it. (If you aren't on a fluid only diet though!)
Make you parents get you whatever you want. It worked for a friend of mine. Say you are lonely and ask for a giant panda.
Reflect on it like you are an old person. It's just fun. :wink:
Get well soon!


I actually did the second thing! I would take a picture of the giant panda sitting right next to me, but then people can find out where I am, exc... By I do have a giant panda right next to me! Swear!


Awesome, I wish I had one during my anesthetic time...


Wow!!! I knew it would work!!!


What happened to you @LotsaPizza?


I broke my arm, so I am getting a prosthetic one (robotic) @StylishDancerForum!


Oh, I'm so sorry! Hope your arm feels better soon!