Want to put YouTube videos on here?


hi today I will teach you how to put YouTube videos on here it's not very hard and it would be easier to make tutorials and show them if you have a YouTube channel

To AHappyCoder and SnowGirl_Studios

First press and hold on what ever tutorial you want to show on here

then then add to watch later add to playlist and share should show up tap share then another big thing I'll show up tap copy link then get off go here tap reply and tap and hold then Tap paste and the YouTube video will appear

Embed code in Web Player

@Madlipsgirl, thanks for the very helpful tip on how to add YouTube videos! Your right, it will make it easier to do tutorials! :blush::grinning::wink:


This tutorial is cool!


Awesome tutorial @Madlipsgirl


Great observation! So cool!


Thanks! That will totally help!


Thx everyone,I'm glad you all like my tutorial:):slightly_smiling:


Does it work? :smiley::smiley::smiley: @MagmaPOP


Yay, it does work! :smile::smile::smile:


is the music in this copyrighted by someone? I do not want to be associated in a crime... :expressionless:


Nope, it was free on Newgrounds! :wink:


Also, I put the song title in the description, so it should be fine. :smile: