Want to join the City Tech crew?



What is The City Tech Crew?

City Tech is a crew that makes awesome projects that can only be made with expert programing!

Why would you want to join?

If you are an expert coder, you would want to join to test your skills. If you are a new hopscotcher you can learn how to be an expert coder.

What kind of coder we need right now:

Please join our team

Update idea!😀😀😀

anybody? Please?


Cani be a beta tester for this crew? Also, use the mass tag list to get more people!


@bluedogmc-official Ok, you are in! Tell me when you are ready for the password to the account!


I'm ready right now!


Got it u can delete it




I Just tried to log in, and it's not working! I'm pretty sure I typed everything in right!


Oops I got the username wrong...


Username: Happy City! :grinning:


k thanks I'll try it!


Ok awesome


You I got on it! I went back to my account but if u want me to get on it and do something tell me! Also, who I in it? We have a lot of projects published already!


You were in this collar before... You should remember what we used this for.


Ummm.. I was never in this collab! I just joined! I rarely ever joined collabs but I just decided to join this! Also, I may not be on the account much, but tell me when you want me to test something! I


oh... ok do you remember: Chef City?


Nope.. I never was in this, I didn't see chef city..


ok... Do you think you can do a mass tag for me?


Yep, hold on, I'll get it!