Want to join The Blah Club?



Here at the Blah Club we accept people that have been on the Hopscotch App for:
2 months and people with projects with at least one like Please if you do not fulfill these requirements don't get upset. You can still make it to the club.


What should we do in the club?


Help people
And make Awesome projects


I join!
Do you want the OMTL? That take more people's to this topic.


What's that? Also what is your name on the app? I just searched "BB_Box" but irrelevant information came up.


Actually now check your Hopscotch Activities tab.


My name on the app is BB-Box!


Sorry​:disappointed: I forgot to replace the_ with something.


You just get the first emoji badge!


U can see my badges!?


Yeah, I just tap at your profile! And I also know when peeps get first emoji badge.




Sorry Again​:disappointed:
It takes me to the #Art page
It's supposed to be Geometry Dash Version 3


I've just get a new friend!


Have you looked at my profile?


I mean search tab.
Search To BB-Box
1.To BB-Box

2.To BB-Box

3.To BB-Box

Mr Blah Blah
4.To BB-Box

Also t1 liked my Geometry Dash Project
Didn't find it in his favourites though.


Thank you for following me.


I'll use my second account!
To find it: search for bb-box and you'll find BB-Box +


What do you mean?


That is because people like a lot.