Want to get more involved in the Hopscotch community?


That would be cool
That’s sort of like what this thing is, right?
Btw congrats on second round uwu


Really good ideas! Maybe ask Ana? (Although I believe she lives in Europe so she is probably asleep)


I think I’ll do that later, and I’ll credit you I guess too lol


If it was your idea originally than you don’t need to credit me😃


I’ll still mention you anyways


Ok if you want :ok_hand:


Lol I didn’t even get mentioned with the other people that didn’t make it in


Oh. Ok.
I’m fine!


Alright. Hopefully I get a week or two for this. I’m a little busy in schedule right now

Also @Ana, I had 2 quick questions:

  1. After this “short written test”, it’s all forum no email, right?
  2. This is leader trust level if I am not mistaken?


I’m unsure if I made it to the second round, my phone contains my email setup, and I don’t have it.
Also, like what @JACG2018MASTER said, could I have the title of helper as well?
I am interested in helping others get their way around as well, thanks for your consideration, plus I enjoy helping others, so I feel like the title would be perfect for me!
Thanks @Ana!

GweTV's General Topic (many memes) (fun with Hopscotcher) (fun with GweTV too) (SUB TO PEWDS -Fuwa)(GweTV has some of the best music taste here + is just generally awesome =D -Fearless)

I was wondering this as well, as I don’t like giving away to much personal stuff online, and I would like to keep this as much on the forum as possible @Ana. Maybe we could do a private message on the forum?


3rd Quick question: I saw a few others who made it to round 2 get a Helper title, but I couldn’t find it under my titles. Has it just not been updated yet, or am I assuming something wrong?


No, the people didn’t get it because they made to the second round, the emailed THT for the title
Your good
Good luck!


Ok good to know. Thanks


Yeah, I was wondering too, then I asked them


Thank you for clearing that up, I was wondering for a while!


@Ana what are the questions for the 2nd round of the leader application?


hey guys, a little more patience please :slight_smile:


Y’all need to stop bullying Ana


We all need to respect Ana as she is very busy, and this must be a hard process for her as there are so many users to choose from! She also needs to refer with her team (I think) as they are trying their best to find the best leaders they can for the forum, and that’s the main thing. If she needs to take her time, let her, and we should all respect that.