Want to get more involved in the Hopscotch community?


Good job tankt!! I didn’t make it, but I’m really happy for you!!


Hey do you want to make the list of HS questions on my general topic, for example?




Hey @HardcoreHufflepuff, @BabyButterfly, @PerilTheSkywing!

Thanks so much for applying to the position of a leader. You all did so well, but because of very high competition, we were able to accept only some of the applications.

You will all have another chance. We’ll see how it goes with the chosen leaders and we’ll consider your candidacy again if we decide to bring on more leaders. Meanwhile, keep being as awesome and helpful to other users as you already are.


Good job though @HardcoreHufflepuff, @BabyButterfly, @PerilTheSkywing!


@HardcoreHufflepuff , @BabyButterfly and @PerilTheSkywing

Well done everyone! You did really well, and honestly, you don’t even need the positions of leaders as your already super awesome and friendly! I hope you guys become leaders eventually, as you will all make a positive impact on the forum!


Oh, okay. Oh well then.


I understand, thank you for telling us this!!!


Did you get my application? I know my email can be buggy sometimes because of my WiFi…

But congrats to @tankt2016 and @Awesome_E for moving on to the second round!


Congratulations @HardcoreHufflepuff, @BabyButterfly, @PerilTheSkywing! Even though you did not make it to round two, you clearly have made an impact for good in the Hopscotch community, and I believe that is fully commendable. Continue to make an endeavor to encourage others and promote yourselves as examples by following the guidelines and simply being a friend.

To @tankt2016 and @Awesome_E, I congratulate you both for making it into round two! Truly your actions, akin to HardcoreHufflepuff, BabyButterfly, and PerilTheSkywing, have made a positive impact on the community and The Hopscotch Team has recognized your trustworthiness, friendliness, kindness, obedience, and all else that are characteristics of someone who beholds honor for others, and more so, someone who is a friend. I applaud you for this and hope you make it through round two!


Oh wait just checked my email and realized that I did make it into the 2nd round…silly me! :sweat_smile:


Really nicely written!


Congratulations to you as well @HopscotchRemixer! I ditto my message above to you! XD Well done!


Oh wow that’s really cool! Does it come with anything else? Like permanent regular?


Your title gives me a idea, but I’m not sure if Ana would like it…


Also how did you get the title?


He just asked for it pretty sure
Look at this and scroll down
It’s just a neat title Ana gave


It’s not like a “leader” or “moderator” Type thing


Oh that’s really nice of her! Maybe there could be a group of permanent regulars called Helpers that are like Community Moderators?


Hehe that was my idea, but instead you’d have more tags, like Helper, Tester, etc.