Want to get more involved in the Hopscotch community?


Aight I just spent the last 20 minutes writing a huge wall of text, hopefully it wasn’t in vain.


Another person I recommend is @FearlessPhoenix, one of the friendliest forumers here!


I spent a hour on mine


And I spent ten minutes or less


"Dude thank you,., really and I mean that with all my heart.

Thanks to all of y’all who nominated or seconded or reccomended me, I rly mean it :black_heart::black_heart::black_heart:" -fearless

Aww man the emoji things came out weird :((


I nominate @William04GamerA


Trying to get this is probably a waste of time, considering my past actions, but it’s worth a shot. Good luck to everyone who’s probably going to win


Wow, this is cool. I would, but I haven’t come close to being on the forum for six months yet. Other than that, I totally would apply!


Thank you so much! That really made my day :slight_smile:


I’m nervous.


I think you’d be a great leader!


Thanks, I’m not a good role model though. I mostly want to help and such.


@Ana, Starrydream has a lot of potential in her, and being her friend here for a while has proved that! She has helped the forum in her own way, for example she created Hopscotchers Against Bullying! Hopscotchers Against Bullyin.g! [NEW]

She just needs the right people to guide her at first, but if you are looking for someone fun, helpful and friendly, she’s your girl!


Who thinks I have a chance of actually getting the spot

  • Yes
  • No

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@DaughterOfHades @sophia71205 @BlackSeal @Gobli09
i nominate you guys


what if it will go like in 2016? at first, lots of leaders, then lots of fun, then demotion and depressio.n


wow thanks
but my english sucks so i won’t be able to solve any conflicts


i hope you become a leader!! you’re a good role model in my opinion.


You mustn’t be serious…


You actually are a great role model you know.