Want to get more involved in the Hopscotch community?


Yeah, I guess so. :laughing:


What do you mean?

I got flagged when the person I replied to deleted their post and when clarifying something D:


I mean I’ve never really seen William04 gamerA get involved in any flame wars or stuff he just codes and is helpful


seen in any “discourse” – I got confused because “Discourse” is the company that created this forum lol

But yes – it’s too bad he doesn’t have Regular already, since that is so topic-reading reliant


Thank you! I have applied for being a forum leader, but we will see how that goes. I know that the people who gets chosen as leaders will be awesome!


Reminds me of the good old 2016 and 2017 when community leaders were around


Username: Awesome_E
Enjoy most: Helping with debugging and improving others’ code when they need it
Change Most: Regular should be less dependent on reading topics and the lounging issue (the lounge has turned into a waste bin since leaders no longer close unneeded topics)
2 People arguing: brainstorm an idea, use logic, tell them to calm down by complementing both people

98% there, no suspensions

Flag History
  1. According to guidelines, I used pomtl when I should have used omtl (Gaming competition announcement on my GT)
  2. Person I replied to deleted post and mine looked off topic
  3. I was trying to clarify confusion, I really don’t know how that got flagged by multiple people.
  4. Well, I shouldn’t have done that

Sounds cool, I’d rather not send an email, but if I 300% have to, I can.


Ana liked these I wonder what she thinks of Yam mom


Okey quick question – how will this work exactly? Will Ana just read the emails and hand out leader badges to whoever and then they mod stuff or will it be like when t1 was made an intern mod or when the Hopscotch curators started curating or what? (That probably made no sense whatsoever lol but you got the gist of it I think?)


I’ll send an email later!

  1. Ana promotes some Hopscotchers to leaders if she thinks they are responsible and nice enough to help moderate the forum
  2. The leaders moderate, closing topics, editing bad stuff out of posts, etc. I think they can edit any post, and even add wiki


Oh so it’s just like what happened with t1.



What about ip banned?


That is correct


i think @aariv would make good leader! ro


The only time I was flagged was by two other users trying to hate on me and report me for doing nothing wrong…


done/said to much not great stuff so im probably not gona get it but i applied


Congratulations to you too then, I guess! But really, a few flags is fine because you often learn from mistakes made that lead to relevant flags.


how do you know none of the leaders will abuse their power? will there be like a system where you can report leaders the same way viceversa?


They aren’t moderators, but the staff can remove them. They will definitely get noticed if something goes wrong and they caused it