Want to get more involved in the Hopscotch community?


It is the old community leaders thing — they’re bringing leaders back.



Never been suspended and helpful


@Petrichor best in filtering the forum from inappropriate content!


Are these due at one point? Just wondering


Totally done this. Looks so much fun! Good Luck Everyone


im getting some major deja vu from this leader thing…

Ive been suspended once a while ago, havent been that friendly to many people and tbh i think i start more fights by accident rather than fixing them but if these new leaders have like title granting powers could the whole giving out titles thing happen again? That was good tbh.


Oh yeah titles were cool!

And I totally want to bring back custom groups too


I have a email account for just Hopscotch, since you needed one to be on here ; )
I have never been suspended, I’ve been here for 5 months(I believe)


Yeah totally.
That’d be great

@HardcoreHufflepuff me and Fea both say thanks for the nomination thing :D


I think you mean Tankt? But I agree!
I can definitely nominate @CoderOfMagic and @CTS


that’d be cool


This is great news for custom groups!

I don’t know if I want to use my email for this though, maybe a PM would work?


If I become leader (which probably won’t happen lol) ima ask tht if I can bring them back! If leaders can make them lol might only be mods


In my experience you have been helpful to everyone!


You can’t PM on the forum, you have to send an email


Thank you so much (and you to @A_Metalhead)! I’m actually going to send an email and see what happens. I don’t know who is going to become a leader, but I know that they will be awesome! Thank you @ana for bringing this back.


You’d make a great leader I’ve literally never seen u get in any discourse


I agree with Chickengirl, you’d honestly be an amazing leader!


@tankt2016 @ChickenGirl Wow, you two really made my day! And I´ve never gotten one single flagged post in almost 4 years… so I that is an achievement, I guess.


Wow that is an achievement…