Want to get more involved in the Hopscotch community?


Hey guys!

Some of you have told me that you’d like to get more involved with the Team Hopscotch and we’ve heard you.

I’d like to introduce the role of Forum leaders. These will be people like you or your parents, who want to play a more active role in helping kids here on the forum. You’ll be working with myself and the team to help the forum be an even more awesome place.

If you think this sounds like fun, send me an email to ana@gethopscotch.com with your username, and also answers to these questions: what do you enjoy most about the forum? What would you change about the forum if you could? You find two people arguing about smth–what would you do?

Ideally, you’ve been on the forum for at least six months, you have never been suspended and have a forum history of being helpful and friendly.

I look forward to hearing from you!


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This sounds so cool!
I’d love to do it, but sadly I haven’t been here that long

Edit: I’ll go for it anyway I guess. Can’t hurt


Why not?
This sounds cool!


I’d love to!
Except, uh, I don’t have an email and I’m not going to use my mom’s (the one my account was made with) and uh can’t really email anybody so I guess it’s still worth a shot to fill out the questions here.

Username on Hopscotch and the forum: tankt2016
What do you enjoy most about the forum? I love that everyone’s so open-minded, accepting, and friendly, no matter coding skills, gender, religion, LGBT/not LGBT, etc. Plus, everyone’s so nice, friendly, and helpful!
What would you change about the forum if you could? I’d make it more code-related — it seems to be mostly GTs.
You find two people arguing about smth–what would you do? Try to be an open-minded peacemaker, not really taking sides.

I’ve been foruming since January 2016, hopscotching since November 2015, was suspended once for a week when I was 8 for getting mad at my bro when he didn’t let me into his club thingy, which I don’t really like to talk about though, and am like all over the forum now, I’m also on like 24/7 too lol.

By the way, I think @William04GamerA and @FearlessPhoenix would be great leaders : )


Yeah… I do have an email… but I’d rather not send it like that. And my mom and dad don’t want ‘spam’ soo…
Hopscotch user: HardcoreHufflepuff
What I like most about the forum is how friendly people are! When I was new, I asked for helped and people immediately came to help me.
I don’t really find that the forum needs improvement, except for the fact that people (such as the -1 squad) are making weird cults.
If I found someone arguing about smth I’d try to break it up peacefully.
I’ve been on since December 27 of 2018, so chances are I won’t be accepted. I haven’t been suspended or flagged, ever.


Me too.


@Ana i sent email please read


I would like to be the leader of more than just the yam fam !!!
fam pls nominate me and give kiss
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Back from the dead I see :two_hearts:
Missed u yam mom


I was never dead you silly splash! I took a nap that is all! I missed you too but I didn’t miss your fellow chicken she always hides my socks :(


Yeah I second that.

I think fearless sent you an email about it too, Ana.
Not sure if they said this, but they’ve been here a long time and know how everything works really well. Hopscotching since Feb 2014 (made official acc in June 2015). Foruming since August 2016.

W01GA is super super helpful, knows how everything’s works, has been here for a long time and actively welcomes and helps new and old hsers and forumers.

I think they’d both do a great job


IM BACK!! mOM!KMok!JEMOK!2e21e1e2


I don’t have access to my email anymore so I will do it this way. I haven’t been on the forum for long, but I think I would be a great leader.
User on the forum: BabyButterfly
User on HS: BabyButterfly :butterfly::butterfly: (no spaces in between the butterfly emojis and BabyButterfly)
What do you enjoy most about the forum?
I enjoy being able to talk to other coders on the app and make lots of new friends.
What would you change about the forum of you could?
I would make the talk a little bit more about coding, because right now it doesn’t really seem mostly focused on it. Otherwise I think that the forum is great.
You find 2 people arguing about smth-what would you do?
I would try to negotiate with each side, hearing both sides then put in a ruling judgement. I would also try just getting to the bottom of whatever started the whole thing, then make peace without choosing sides.
I joined the forum in December of last year, but have been hopscotching since April 2016.


This again? We know how this will end.

(No I’m not salty bc I got suspended lmaO)


Darn, I can’t, recently was suspended. And I don’t think I’m very good at calming down flame wars.


Hmm. I’d like to try it! I can’t email you though, my parents won’t let me email anyone except my friends and family. They don’t like spam emails and I don’t either; I don’t want to be hacked. Even though I put my full trust in Hopscotch leaders and adults, like you, @Ana
Oh, plus, I’ve never been suspended. Ever. My accounts on HS have been (previously or currently) KittenArtist, Peril-the-Skywing, TheKittenCoder, and PerilTheSkywing
I also think that people like @A_Metalhead and @FearlessPhoenix should be leaders.
My username — @PerilTheSkywing
What do I enjoy most — having the chance to talk with people civilly about debating on different things, like what to do for someone’s next game, and giving creative ideas about how to make it more fun.
What would I change about the forum — maybe a chance to delete a general topic to start a new one? That would be good. And more safety lines; not being able to ‘partly’ say bad language in certain names for stuff, or use .’s to make a word able to be said.
You find two people arguing, what do you do — I’d have to give them a short warning, like if I found a comment with mean stuff about another player, I’d warn them about the safety rules, and show them a link to the rules, and if they don’t stop, like really badly, I’d notify someone who can block down the topic for a while until the conversation cools down.


Same here, actually.


Just submitted my application!


I wish I had this… I’m trying to fix my reputation now, but you wouldn’t believe how hard that is :pensive:


What is this role about? Is this like a trust level + like the old community leaders thing?