Want to do a Collab with me and other



Who wants to do a Collab for APRIL FOOLS DAY, I know it is in 2 months but would anybody want to do it??


I would like to! I might not be very helpful cuz I am pretty busy a lot of the time, but I will try to help


Can I Help You?


Sure, anybody is welcome


You can go onto Make Your Day ✌🏼️ Account to do it on, the password is peach


But I Forgot My Password?


Ohh, so, that's a no??




No sorry not you but u can join!!


Sorry i was saying could i join and ok


Its not working, the account


What do u mean??? When your running out of time
Just read the first part


I did Make Your Day ✌🏻️ With the password peach but it didnt work


Do Not Hacker:rage:
Someone changed my username!!


Oh no! Let's hope they don't change anything else?


Did you do it? :expressionless:


Me? No way I haven't even tried to log in yet


:expressionless: if you didnt... :expressionless: Then who did?


🤔 it's a mysterious mystery...


.>_< :expressionless:🤔 how should i trust you? But did you know the new username @MYD