Want to be in our project?



Hey there hopscotchers! It's wonderful to see you. We have an announcement, and that is: 2017 is coming! It might not seem like a short time, but times goes on quickly! We are doing a 2016 review collab, and we need you!
We will be presenting all that has happened in 2016, (well not all, but you know what I mean)
the categories so far:


Emotional and Spiritual
Arcade/Game songs
Diverse acc (an account with all of the above!)


Drawing (finger)
Text art (blocks or leave a trail code)


Innovative (very creative @creativecoder)
Lots of code and awesome


What was popular in 2016?

New ideas:

What did people come up with in 2016?


We haven't decided yet on the other ones.

Why are we asking you?

The team @renegadebird1 and 2 @creativecoder @gilbert189 @poptart0219 @smileyalyssa @smilingsnowflakes @anonymous and the others need nominations!
Hold up! We are not asking for nominations just yet.
If you would like to be in the project, show us! Look at the categories above and try to code them (if you haven't already, but keep up the good work).
I guarantee you, at least one person who tries really hard will make it! :D


I'm confused, what are we supposed to do? :P

EDIt: Also, it's @RenegadeBird1 not @RenegadeBird


Max likes.

(Chucks imaginary like at topic)


Make awesome projects like you always do lol


Oh ok, :P


This. Sounds. Amazing.

I'm so doing this! :grinning:


Can I enter my drawings?

All/Most of my drawings

I have made great improvement from



It's a little early to review the entire year, when we're not even halfway through :curly_loop:


I'd love to be a part of this; is there a nomination system or something?


Just check out my account, gamergirlofgamers​:iphone:.


I will join I guess.


It's a reminder not a nomination system lol


Well, it's still pretty early to review the year.


That's not what we're trying to do

We are giving you a reminder of the categories, and if you code well in one of them you might be in the project -_-


Cool! I LOVE music so I think I can do that one!
Probably the diverse or whatever that
Is and the arcade!


Can I join?

I can do whatever you need me to do


Maybe our "Beethoven's Fifth" project could do. It's his famous du-du-du-duuu.


I'm not sure people will know what that is...
But, maybe they will...
I know what it is. I'm not trying to be mean


Yeah, can't really do that part well without giving a recording.



No it's for you guys to make t XD