Want to be a character in my new game? No spots left!



So I, working on a new game and I want to use @Kiwicute2016 as a character. If she says I can use her as a character she will just be in one little part. @Kiwicute2016 can I use you as a character?? If you don't want to be in it it is TOTALLY fine and I will change the plot. Thanks, Bluedogmc.
Ps. I don't want to give away the plot but the game is coming along pretty well.
Edit: kiwi ute answered and said yes. If anyone wants to also be in the game replie below


I would be honored to be in your game! Hope it's going along well!


YAY!! thank you so much!


Lol u literally saw you post that while I was reading the topic haha


Also anyone who wants to be a character say so here. I will try to incorporate everyone who wants to be in!


Wait do I say "so here"? If yes, So Here!


Ok you're in! Do you want your name to be stick88 in the game? Or something else?


I want the name to be Stick88... P.S. Thank you!


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May I be in it? I love being a part of these types of things!


You're in! Just tell me what your personality is!


Yore in to! Just tell me what personality you have


I'll be in it if you'd like! :smile:


Ya! Tell me your personality!


Who are you asking???


No more character spots left! Sorry.
Current characters:
Pop tart
Kiwi cute
Gtg I'll replie back tomorrow


I'm really quirky :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I'm pretty friendly, and really funny and creative!

If you need more tell me :slightly_smiling:


Everyone 20202020202020202


Including me? (Taking up space)


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