Want an ad featured in my project?



Credit to @smishsmash.
Do you want an ad in one of my projects? If so, fill out the form!

Hopscotch username:
What you want the ad to say:
Color of the ad:

Also, @smishsmash is it ok to do this?
(This is a recycled topic, ignore the poll)

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It's fine! @Nerd4Ever did it before me and said it way ok :D




That will be in my next project! :D


Yey! Thanks! @TheGreenBanana



You are second on the list!


Hopscotch username:MiiR lεgεηdツ(HH)
What you want the ad to say: Join MiiR Clan!
Color of the ad: Turquoise



Hopscotch username: minioncandy
What you want the ad to say: Hair Request Open! Please Request!
Color of the ad: Bright purple! (HSB (280,100,100))


Do you like Potatos? Good for you. I mean follow me if you want....
Dark red


I. Sorry , @smishsmash I forgot to do it. I'm making a project, expect it soon!