Want a customized logo? Just request one!



Jsut tell me what you want it to be like! you can use it as your user card background even!
credit to @Nerd4Ever for starting this i just really wanted to do a few it will take anywhere from 10 minutes to a day
to do list
heres a ex:

@CreativeCoder's Logo

@OrangeScent1's Logo

@AwesomeWolf18's logo

@GrizTheBear's logo

@Stampys_fans Logo

@RubyWolf1's logo

@HuggingFluffyBear's Logo

@UptownStudios logo

@LotsaPizza aka Toasted Flame's Logo


Want One.


what would you like it to be like


Actually, @Nerd4Ever Already Made Me One.


This looks really cool! Glad I could inspire someone to try this :smile:


thanks so much for the idea!! all of the credit goes to you for creating it tho :slightly_smiling:


Wha? I have a logo? Thanks! XD


np! im bored so im just making logos for a few hopscotches


Meeeeeee. Blue and green for bg and gray for name


ok :slightly_smiling: ill have it to you in like.. 10 minutes


Oo oo oo me me plz Blue and Black


ok :slightly_smiling:


@SnowGirl_Studios So, how are you creating these? ( I'm looking for more methods to create logos )


I likey


I'm using pixlr witch is what i normaly use when i create stuff but i change all the settings it sets for you so i basically start over with no settings then recreate them how i want it to be (kinda like coding i just realized this lol)


Cool. Are you using the mobile or web version of pixlr? ( I don't think there are settings in the web version, which I use )


im using the web version.... but im on my chrome book so almost every website is different


Those are some vivid and beautiful examples. Nice, @SnowGirl_Studios!


Thanks @oio!


Yay thanx !!