Want a coding partner? look no further!

Hi! It's iPenguin and I'm looking for a coding partner! I look for 3 things in a coding partner:
1. Perseverance - Always working hard through tough situations
2. Frequency - On Hopscotch at least once a day
3. Kind - Always nice and builds me up as I'm hopefully doing to you!
If you're looking for a coding partner, too, I'm sure we'd get along great! Just comment down below if you want to be my coding partner!


'I want to be your coding partner'

Soak! Is your username StarKid

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Whoops! I meant okay!

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on Hopscotch, Yes.

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I'm gonna follow you and check some of your projects out. Is there one you really like?

The Raining Illusion.

My username is StarKid2017

@StarKid, That project was so good it! Can you check my 2 projects? They're:
1. Fire vs. Ice
2. Bird and the 7 Keys

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The projects are by Penguin Gaming, that was my old account

Good Projects.

Those are pretty good!
(Oh also hello kids geuss who dropped by.)

So.. we're coding partners? @PenguinGaming?

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Oh yeah! GTG BYE new coding partner

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What happened to the other topic? I said I'd love to have a coding partner.

I can be your coding partner

Working n my own gets boring, so I'm filling my Hopscotch time with others