Wanna Talk Jess?


@Jess888, I think of you as a friend, do you think of me as a friend?

This a topic I made so we can talk together!
I would talk to you on the drawing topic, but I don't want it to get closed down cuz it's off topic, :expressionless:
Yeah, so can we talk?
Please make sure it is HS related though, I don't want thos topic reported! :wink:


Just remember to talk about HS related stuff! :wink:
I'll delete this of you want.


I promise we will, and no you don't have to.


Oh hey sorry I was sleeping so I noticed u changed ur profile pic it's nice well done err what projects are u currently making?


On Hopscotch? (Lol I'm 6 hours behind you) None really right now. And my profile pic, didn't you draw Flame? The one with the Headband?


Yeah I fid draw her and I'm currently working on the summer project


@Jess888, I'm assuming it's 11:00 for you?


Yeah 11:15 in England what time is it where u r


Well now it's 6:35 PM. I'm guessing it 11:35 where you are. Is it AM or PM?


Pm lol u been doing the summer challenge thing?


What's that?
and ohmygosh it's almost midnight in England.


The summer hopscotch project thingy migigy and it now 00:34


No. What are you drawing currently?


Nothing I'm going to bed lol night night talk tomorrow


Goodnight fren! I like talking to you!


Actually, I'm doing it now!


Lol. Actually I don't really want to. Are you here @Jess888?


Hi soz haven't been on today going to bed again bye


hey please do not fill up the forum with topics....there is already a topic for this and it's called Talk To A Hopstotcher so please go talk there​:grinning:
here's the link: