Wanna be advertised by me?


I am gonna put a project advertisement in the loading screen of every new project I make. If you want me to advertise you in a project just tell me and I will try to put it in.

I have made so many topics today lol

Also, you don't need to do this, but if I advertise you it would be great to get some credit on your next project.

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Crazy_cake Ads!

This is a kewl idea!!!!!


Can you do me? :D


Can you do me?........


I would like to be advertised


Can u do me?


I'm advertising a specific project, not a person. Plz provide a project link.




Me advertising my game to be advertised is making it advertised


Can u do me please?

Also I love this idea A+


don't remind me of school plez :joy:


Oh yeah. My bad sorry

Mine starts In a week though​:grin::confused::neutral_face::frowning::tired_face:


Can you advertise me? My Hopscotch username is The Pickle HC. :smile:


Well this is overwhelmingly popular. Srry if I don't end up advertising you, there are a lot of others.


Can you please advertise you? I'll spam like you if you want!



Would you mind if I make a topic another this for me? :D
It's ok if not, I will give you credit! :D


Not at all!


Your ok with it? :D




K, thanks! :DDD @Nerd4Ever

I think this is a very kewl idea!