Wait what am I doing?!?sorry really confused...


Um I’m still not sure what I’m doing but I heard you could nominate projects for featured?? I know someone who I want to nominate if you even can nominate…but how. Btw I’m the worlds biggest noob :joy: also am I even putting this is the right place??? I doubt I am…


Hi Elephant! It seems you are new here :3
Believe me, I was a noob when I first joined the forum!
You didn’t put this in the right topic, but That’s ok :3 since you’re new
I would read the Rules in here.
I wish I was able to help :3


Yes, you can! :smiley: Here is the topic: Nominations for Featured 2!

All you have to do is say “I nominate this project” and then get the link to the project from the Hopscotch app and paste it in the post.

I hope this helps!


Yes, what Madi said above was correct ^^ and also, if you’re ever going to need to find a topic in the future, there’s a search bar at the top right of the forum that you can use to search up topics, usernames, or tags I think. :)


@Snoopy is Right. You can search up topics, Usernames, and more with the search bar!


I agree with what people said above, basically! And you have put this in the right place as well. Welcome to the forum! :smile:


Oh…He did?
I guess I really should leave it to the People that have been on here longer :3
Welcom still @Elephant051007!


I think so… I can’t see the category of this topic for some reason.


The category he put this topic on was on the Collabs, Requests and Competitions.


Then it’s almost correct. It should technically be put in #meta-forum, but he/she is new, so it doesn’t really matter.


That is true.