Wait until block


A new idea for a blue block is a wait until block. Maybe something like this:

That would be very useful (and simple) for projects involving time.


You could use repeat time 1k check once if, but this would be simpler. Most of us would like wait until “Code” = 1 I’m pretty sure


Yeah! This is a good idea, but if there is one thing we don’t want to do, it’s overdo it with adding currently unavailable features (on Hopscotch) from Scratch to Hopscotch.


What a great idea! I would love to see that in the Hopscotch app.


If you are looking for what I think you are, this is possible with custom blocks. Here is an example of a loop that waits for a variable to become true, then continues. THE 1 MILLISECOND DELAY IS IMPORTANT! If it is not there, the entire program freezes and shuts down. I had problems with this before and it took a while to find the problem.


You came up with a smart idea.


The beauty of it is because it is a custom block rather than a repeat loop, it will check every repetition rather than just the first.