Wait, titles? Are we still getting them?


Since the leaders got demoted, what are gonna happen to titles?

Also, I think it would be cool if titles were in hopscotch itself!


Idk ¯\⌒(ツ)⌒/¯

I'd like there to be more default ones than regular... like maybe Out Of Likes, Busy etc


Good point. We should be able to set our own titles...

This would be nice, especially if you could set your own!




Good idea!
You should be a Leader...


when will you stop :joy:? You're still saying that after the demotions :joy:


If you had a title before they demoted us (thank god they did, although I can't really quote but that's okay), then you can keep it until//if you change it.


I love nominating you for leader xD


I can tell and we should really... BoT!


It sounds like your Michel Jackson saying:

"I can tell, but Mabey we should... you know,



WSRGBOTRN means We Should Really Get Back On Topic Right Now.


I know :stuck_out_tongue:


I think only some people should be able to get titles. Titles are a treat that you really have to earn! They wouldn't be special if everyone had them...


I don't want them to be special.


Wait, on hopscotch.
What if we get regular and badges on hopscotch :0


Or other trust levels/badges...


Basically what I said!

I might email them soon!
(Dramatic music is playing while I'm typing this, it's so kewl! Star Wars music)


Hihi im backkkk hahahahhahaahhaahhaaa yea


Hi why can't I pet you

And why are you posting here :stuck_out_tongue:


WUT??? Why cant u pet mee?????????