Wait it anonymous leaving?


@Anonymous made a project on hopscotch and said

"My last project preview"

Hmm last project?

Please exsplain @Anonymous!


Nope! Don't worry, he's not leaving! It's "My last project preview", not "My last project"! Even so, he would announce it on the forum as well!


Oh that makes sense sorry!


It seems that it has already been answered, but I am going to point out something:

If Anon left, we would be losing a leader. I don't think Anon would want us to lose a leader. Leaving is not a good decision for a leader at this time.



He did do some announcement about leaving in a year or soo...


Yeah, we're working on the final project, thanks @RenegadeBird1 for explaining!




Why the ":0"?


You're multiple people? :0


No, it's called a collab lol


Wait... I don't get it. Explain again.


Oh. Derp XD




Nailed it


Sorry I had too!!!!!!!



But who will tell puns and troll people?

In a year



I dunno lol


I'll still be checking out the forum, most likely. Just stopping hopscotch is what I might do (the app)


Such a detailed answer. XD

Anyways, what are you going to leave? Do you have a specific reason?


I'm guessing you're probably going to be on the forum less often, like @t1_hopscotch did. Anyway, why are you going to leave? I am pretty sure you said it was because of school and you wouldn't have much time.