Wait is DestroyASnowman new to Hopstotch bc I've never seen him


??????????????????????? the title explains it all




He's a joke alternate account of BAS :wink:


I know it's a joke like I got the joke but is he a new leader


oh and welcome to the forum sweetheart @Eissat03


I think BAS promoted DAS


See my topic 'The Mystery of Eissat03,' I'm not new :3

(I think BAS promoted himself to leader on that account XD)


oh well ok your still new to me sweetheart​:slight_smile:
and oh ok


Still new to you? Alright! XD


oh your @treefrogstudios hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii you were one of my friends​:joy:


Yeah XD

I have no idea how this happened :0


contact Liza by email or sign in again

@Liza secretly tags her


Don't worry, I can still access my own account! This just.. happens sometimes. XD


Well, DAS wanted to be a leader. So BAS promoted him, because DAS gave him a relatively high quality watch. Read DAS's topic for more info.


He bribed me. He's a new user who has no experience nor any skill, but you can accomplish a lot with a digital watch :slight_smile:

Two users, same person

Is DAS at the sleep away camp with you and sneaking on her phone as well? :laughing:


Do you know him irl?


Well we met irl so he could give me the watch but we only communicate online. He lives in another state




DAS is a she. :laughing:


I have a feeeling you added another 'e' to your title.

Edit: @DestroyASnowman is now 'Reegular'.