Wait am I leaving or not?



Everytime I try to leave, people beg me to stay? So I guess I´m staying? @OnceUponATime I know its like 6am for you but help.

Ok I know you have not been on for like a month but....

  • Stay
  • Leave


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Random people



You should not leave. Lots of people are leaving and if you leave the Hopscotch community may not be the same


It's really up to you, @Mystic_Woods. Can you stay here? Is there some reason why you can't (for example, school, or other activities). Do you want to be here? Take some time to make a decision then let us know. Obviously we would all want you to stay.


You do you.


You said you wanted to leave. Don't let people influence you to do something you want to do.


Correct @StarryDream , and @Mystic_Woods , you should stay in my opinion because you are the nicest and most imaginative person I've ever known so far on this forum. I want to be your very best friend. But, I want you to decide. Do you want to stay and be a good friend to many like me, or do you want to leave the forum just because you weren't as popular before? (but guess what? I got you some friends that joined in on this topic)


To think about this question myself, I'd stand a middle ground: inactivity.

You may have realised I have not been on as much as usual, that is because I am loosing focus on this platform. This is not the best place to express myself, and my friends in reality tend to understand me more.


Yes, and most hopscotchers who say you're their friend may be saying that because they like you, but in reality they haven't met the real you. I would totally like to be Creation of a noob's friend, NindroidGames, StarryNight, etc, but I don't even know much about them except the fact that we both like hopscotch. The only real friends I have on here are @aabb1111 and @TACOCODE because I have the same classes with them.


You aint... lol



Yum thnx


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A Funny Meme To Cheer Up Mystic


Do what you think is best for you.


I would love it if you stayed, but do whatever you think is best.


Well, not me
We have no classes together but we see each other in the halls sometimes and we were friends as little kids apperantly(at least thats what my das told me)


Yeah bad idea to open that in math cuz i laugh super easy and that was hillarious