Wait a second,what about this idea?



What do you mean “lines that make no sense?”


It’s a picture that’s scribbled up and it’s really hard to tell what they drew.


I’d like some examples


I’m not searching HS for a drawing like that. You’ve probably seen them by yourself. They are the drawings people call ‘scribbles’


Yeah. I’ve seen a couple of those


No, I don’t recall ever seening that.


Just ask other people who have seen it.


No offense but maybe you’re just bad at interpreting art


Hah that’s right I am


Hello there.

I am jnsa100. Nice to meet you.


Yes, I don´t think that creativity should be banned. Trending should be improved, but banning drawings would be like banning using your own solutions when doing math in school… almost.


Yeah. We just want to increase the ratio of code to art




it’s basically impossible to stop them, you know that right?
she’s saying we can counteract that by coding more and getting other people to code


I know.
Also,happy anniversary!


I’m a boy, not a girl. Lol :joy:


Never assume gender. @snoopy I thought you knew that?


Lol by she, I was referring to the original creator of this topic




Well for the drawing, people are making art pads for themselves, and for the roleplay, hmm… I dunno, honestly.