Wait a second,what about this idea?



So,I scrolled thru ppls posts and stuff.
“let’s stop Ops
“ban drawing”
and all that…stuff.
Well,I got this idea from someone else (egh,I forgot who. I think it was @William04GamerA). Why stop RPs and drawings?
Let’s just introduce more coding.
(why am I even posting this I hardly ever code)
(oh the irony)
Anyway,instead of absolutely diminishing RPs and Drawings we can just incorporate them into coded games,or we could just make more coding stuffs. Absolutely banning RPs and Drawings seems a bit far-fetched in my opinion. But I guess we could just…code more? Incorporate drawings and RPs into code?
idk this just popped into my head
anyway uh
I’m gonna try (and fail lmao) to code


Honestly, drawings should be allowed, in my opinion. They count as games, I think. But think what you want, and I’ll think what I want. ; D


yeah that’s what i’ve been trying to say
but also u should untag him bc it’s kinda mean for u to point him out




I untagged aariv. But I didn’t untag William,cuz it was mostly his idea,so…


Of course this is an idea. But have you tried doing it? The problem is, that there are so many people doing RPs and drawings. The people who do them aren’t going to want to change.


Then you code


I want people to incorporate coding in their games but no one listens


Most of the people ive seen that want to get rid of drawing or Rps want to get rid of them because they aren’t what Hopscotch is for or because they want coded projects they can play. So, I mean we can’t make everyone happy but I think we should atleast find a way to separate art and code so the people who like to see coding can, and the people who want to draw can draw. Like, if there were 2 trendings to separate them


I agree with your two trending idea.


I think drawing should be allowed. (I love the two-trending idea, BTW. All for it!)

Hopscotch isn’t just about who can code the best game. It is about showcasing creativity, while featuring coding. Art is a major part of creativity, and I think people should be able to display their art.


I agree. You put it well. : )


Thank you!!! :smile:


here’s an artificial like :heart:️ I ran out again


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There’s no way we can ban RPs and art. @Mr.rex was challenged by me to encourage artist to code(not art pads),and RPs? We really need to stop them. The only code they contain is ‘set size 25’. We need to make RPers code. So who’s on the let’s encourage code campaign?


There’s no such thing as someone who only does RPs


Some people only do RPs and chatting and use HS as a social media.


I’ve never seen anyone do that and not also do art/code


Most of RPers RP,do art(which is just really a bunch of lines making no sense) and chat.