Waffy's AMA! (Ask Me Anything)


Hi, welcome to my AMA!

Here, you can ask me anything! (Besides private info, of course!)
Examples of questions you may ask:
• What's your favorite Hopscotch project?
• Do you know any Hopscotchers in real life?
• Do you have any pets? (Is that okay to ask, Leaders?)
Examples of questions you may not ask:
• Where do you li.ve?
• What's your last name?
• Can I have a picture of your face? (Idk why anyone would ask that but...you never know!)
Ask away!
Please keep in mind that you can ask whatever you want, I just won't answer it if I don't feel comfortable doing so!







What's your favorite thing about Hopscotch?

(Also, you may want to change the title... It can easily be confused with iWaffle)


What do you mean?
I'm iWaffle...


Are you a breakfast person? I am!:yum:


Oh, whoops.

I meant @Waffle_Draws. Your general topic's title can easily be confused for theirs.


@XiaoMiaoMi—I love the awesome community and how you can make almost anything!
@StarryDream—Of course! Have you seen my username?


Okay, I'll change it!


Weren't you Taylor Swift? (or was that someone else who said that..?)
I think pets are okay. Other people post about them.

What is your favourite colour?


i actually don't even have a general topic ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@BellaWafflez17 hullo again waffl fren :DD

  • what was the last thing you coded?
  • what was the last thing you drew?
  • when is your forum-anniversary?

that's all i can think of for now ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_


I love white! And purple! And blue! And teal of course! Oh, and red! It's very...fierce.


1) Um...ummmmm...something? I forgot, it's been so long since I've coded anything!
2) I'm working on drawing a vampire right now! It's taking a reallyyyyy long time!
3) I'm pretty sure it's next April...XP
I see you AD!


Do you have a dog? i do


You are my friend in real life. You know I have a dog!


i love dogs


What does he or her look like?


Yes, I know.
We are friends in real life, remember?


WAAAAAAT :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


18th comment 3/3 topic


me your friend WWWWAAAAATTTTTTTT :grin::wink::wink::sunglasses: