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I don't I'll just go back to my own topic idk why I'm in this topic I don't belong here


I know you blocked me, but I think what's going on here is

You are gay and you support them, and you disagree with me and don't respect my culture.

I am not gay and i support anti-gay, and i disagree with you, but (important part) i respect your culture.

And P.S., my religion is not kicking out gay people. Our religion helps everyone, no matter what background they have, to survive. We actually help get gay people not killed, and teach them right afterwards about Christianity.

Someone copy and paste this to Waff. I think Waff will understand. Tell Waff it's from me. Respectfully. Thank you guys...



Please stop. She really doesn't want to continue this conversation, okay? I'm sorry.


Christiandom helps/helped no one buddy


awkwardly walks out of topic


huh so muting doesn't keep me from seeing your posts. unfortunate ://

there's so much wrong with what you're saying, but no, you don't respect me. you think you do, but you don't. if you respected me and people like me, we wouldn't be having this conversation, buddy

and as a person who has experienced actual physical violence "in god's name" i don't believe you ;))

if you continue to post harmful garbage on my topic, i will report you to the staff, and the community guidelines are on my side here

i'm obviously not going to change your mind, but for grape's sake leave me alone


Do you really think Jesus "love your neighbor like yourself" Christ would want you telling people how to live their lives? How to love?



Look, @DECODECO, you claim to be Christian, so please do the kind thing and stop coming into this topic and bugging Waff...


despite being a Catholic myself i support lgbtq+ rights, even if my parents are homophobic and transphobic. anyway, Christians are suppose to love, support, and respect everybody, yes? and please, waff has told you many times to stay out of her topic, so please do so.


@Waffle_Draws, I'm sorry we fought. I'm sorry we fought about a little thing about

(And support in that context means,"I won't help them in gay rallies, marriages, and other. That's it. I will help them in Everything else.")

I can't believe we fought over something little that sets us apart. Sorry.

P.S. you took Liza's "support" out of context. Also, if you reply to any more of these kinds of comments, I will reply back. I hope we talk about something other soon. Thanks


see but the thing is you keep coming to MY topic, seeking me out, and telling me you want "equality"

except your definition of "equality" doesn't include gay marriage being held at the same standard as straight people getting married

and would you really like to bet on her "support" being taken out of context when i email her about your repeated harassment on my topic when i clearly and concisely told you to leave me alone? i'm not even asking you to change your opinion just leave me alone

so. i'm not sorry and if you don't want to make this into an ordeal, mute the "lgbt" tag and don't come back

AD's general topic

@sweater did they,, did they include austrian pies or anything

oh and did they attribute the invention of the croissant to austria or say that france invented it


sorry for suddenly bringing it here,, but i really want to hear about it


or at least something like that :0


*long-suffering sigh*

ANYWAY on a lighter note, i was doodling in notability instead of doing geometry hahah and i sketched @Giraffedolphin26's child

and then i got carried away and colored it too lol



how,, how do you even do stuff like this on Notability


I slept over at my gay friend's house (I think she got mad at me because I think I got her in the friend zone whoops) and we played the game "Life" with her dad.
We got the topic of dream houses and I started ranting about Austrian living spaces.


Whatever else you do, I will forgive you. Goodbye.
Btw muting tags doesn't work; I can still see the topic on latest



swiss houses are better because you know that no matter what they'll stay neutral and that's a threat startlingly looming nowadays austrian houses are,, interesting to say the least

i mean are they cheap and beautiful yes they are but ://



i use a few different tricks actually :00

  1. sketch as you normally would
  2. take a screenshot of the sketch and line it (so you can have the lines without the sketch underneath)
  3. screenshot the lines as well and do the same thing so you know where to color
  4. when coloring with the highlighter tool i like to have the pencil set slightly smaller than the highlighter so you can get the tinier spaces in the same "line" (u know the trick where you keep your finger on the iPad and whatever is the last tool you selected is what it turns out to look like (like opaque pencil or translucent highlighter) i know i explained it badly but hopefully u know what i mean??)
  5. keep a copy of each stage (sketch, lines, color) so u can change things individually
  6. cut/paste the lines over the color so it looks clean and like you used layers when u didn't