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why are y'all like this

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Hello, senpai!! :D



We are in the phase of "?????".


i'm a what now

hello gilburrito senpai :DD


it seems, yes

let the ????? commence





Okay, be calm, Gilbert. Remember, responsible dying.

Dhbwfecjkkndv,hkujhwnkdfxws henavkvemmk


Don't hold it back Gilberto let it out die irresponsibly in the forum :D


that isn't responsible dying


I didn't die yet. ಠ_ಠ


scuse me i believe the "screaming and dying" is trademark of smish co.

@smishsmash hai c:


Yes it's my trademarked "Smishy having a seizure" way of dying by smish co.

Hai waff :D


I'm going to hide in this topic as I procrastinate on stretching my essay 70 more words


Oh my gosh senpai has a general topic

Now back away so you don't say the wrong thing and embarrass yourself


i can relate tbh

@Maltese hullo maltyyyy cc:

nice gif


Ohmygoodness hi senpai 0v0

I shall help further the phase of the ?????



That guy is backing into a bush XD

Cool general topic! :D

How was your day @Waffle_Draws?


hey guys after we talk on here let's go to my topic


...I know XD

Imagine that person is me


i see, you all must be from some alternate universe where all my senpais call me senpai

that makes sense

????? shall reign this earth