WafflePug welcome topic


Hi,I'm WafflePug my sister VanillaOwl invited me to the forum! This is my welcome topic and I love pugs! :3


Hi sister. :D

Welcome, even tho I helped set it up. XD



I'm Crazy_cake on hopscotch so welcome to the forum!
I made a pug pixel art that got featured! I love pugs also!

Make sure to check out the community guidelines!

And have an awesome (crazy) time in the forum!


Welcome to the forum! I'm sure you will have a great time here! If you ever need help tag me like this- @EP125, it gives me a notification! Remember to only talk about Hopscotch! I hope you have a great time!


Hai WafflePug! I love your username! Welcome to the forums! :00


Yeah my sister showed me the pixel art i loved it good job:3


Hai, hello, greetings, hi, hey, potato, hoi, WafflePug! Welcome to the forum! :D :D :D





Thank you so much! :D

thx @VanillaOwl!


No problem! :D

She loves pugs. :3


Hiya Snowflakes! I have heard so much about you and Pingu from VanillaOwl you sound awesome :3


Ok thanks for the help if i need it :3


No problem! Is your username WafflePug on Hopscotch? I want to follow you.


Sadly i dont have hopscotch :( but when i do get it i will have my name be WafflePug if its not taken by then :3


Oh, ok. When you do get Hopscotch I will follow you then.


Hai! :D
Thank you! I've heard a lot about you from VanillaOwl, and you sound soupr awesome too! :D


Ok thanks so much :3


No problem! Want to be friends?





^^^ ask VO lol



Welcome to the forum! :3

Your sister is awesome, and you are too. c:

You'll have a great time here! :3


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