Hoi Hoi. This is Shams GENERAL CRAZY TOPIK.

Feel free to ask questions. Drawing requests. You get the idea

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Be nice. Respect everyone here. You get the idea.

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@tacocode :wink:


Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :grinning::smile::smiley::grinning::smile::smiley::grinning::smile::smiley::grinning::smile::smiley: lol


First like and reply lol



how life


Hi! @shamrockcat! hai fren!!!!!!!!!!




HIII?!??? How's you?


Why'd you tag me in your topic?


Hais how are you? I'm not okay


LIEF is going very very very bad


You wanna talk here? @shamrockcat


Yes. Look I'm sorry about cash and I fighting. And it would've been better if you never met me on here. Should I explain?



Yeah, please explain. I'm so confused!


Cash and I= war=hate=bleh. She thinks I'm copying her when I say I have a crush on you. Not true. Besides, I'm taken. I still crush when I'm taken. Yesterday I was very angry and I let it get the best of me. I'm easily triggred. Henceforth I got denfensive. You should've never met me because I'm easily lost in a haze. I used to help people a lot and my motherly instinct kicked in and said " help this person you admire" so I did. I regret that.



Just wanted to say hi :))


Hi senpi. We have not talked in a long time. This makes me sad. Your like a sister to me. ( or a kohai


We should talk more :P
still space twins though??


Hey! We're still friends!

You're not the only one who gets triggered easily. Ask anyone in the H.A.B topic. @StarryDream @minioncandy @JojoDude

Don't worry! We're still friends. I don't mind that you have a crush on me.


Heck Yea!! Ima add that to my bio. Add that to yours!!


What's H.A.B. ? Do you have link to it?