WaddlingJuiceBox. What happened?

That's awful... You know, I guess this is over.
I feel so bad for all the work that was lost.


What ok I am calling @Meg @Meg we need to tell you some things that have been going on

Yeah, the first time I got a lot of likes, it was deleted.
(It was the face art)

Make a new account then>

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No no fine what ever I guess this isn't my first collab :anguished::scream:

NOOO!! @snoopy it was a good idea but some people don't want it. We can still continue.

These types of accounts are too hard to control.
I guess I don't know who I should trust or if I should trust anybody anymore.

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I know what to do so @ people and they willl come and once they like it delete the post

How do you know the hacker isn't watching the conversation then?

Look at the reply I sent

Fine what ever I guess this isn't my first collab because I have never been in a collab

Move it to lounge?

  1. hacker could be a regular
  2. members can't join :(
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What?? How??
Can you reset it again?

Put the pass in drafts on our account mabye?

How do other collabs do it?

Yup, there are those two problems.
I don't think we want to bother THT over this too much. I started it, and I should be the one responsible.


Fine fine fine I guess I have to quit

Whatever happens,don't give up. We'll find a way :smiley:

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The new name I geuss is WJBForum (Abandoned.)

To the hacker:

I am VERY disappointed in you. We trusted you with not hacking the account, and you go and delete nearly all the projects. You got suspended for it, and you swore at us. Happy now?

Again, I'm ashamed. If you apologize, I might forgive you. But overall, that was a horrible thing to do.