VVV-CCCB Collaboration Topic :D of Candycane and KVJ!



That will look so cool



So what shall we do?


Wir haben diese Pläne:

-Tardis Pixart
-current drafts (shhh)
-also the big current draft that has been going for a long time



My TERIBBLE WIP draft is going badly I must say

The tardis could be good though


Your draft WIP is better als mein though...


Maybe try to do the easiest one first?




Bump :00000


We need to get to work...



My phone is downstairs and I cba to go get it because I'm 'asleep' so..


Mine's all the way in my pocket so... yeah


Ouch that's really too much effort to get that out then

I had no idea that struggle you were going through



Struggles of life # 1:

Getting your phone out of your own pocket


Then there's the effort of turning it on, unlocking it, going to the particular app, and then the true struggle: coding.


Ikr pressing a button is so hard, and then there comes the struggle of pressing is again to display the password screen. Don't even get me going on how hard it is to type a 4 or 6 digit passcode into a little screen. And then there's swiping through all your apps, and tapping on hopscotch

It's just too much to bear


Then actually remembering to log out, followed by remembering your other login(s). Then finding the appropriate draft. Much struggle.


And then opening the editor, and hastily pulling out random blocks of code, searching for the right ones to make the object work. And the struggle for ideas. That is the worst



Much struggle in life.

So, what should we struggle on for the time being?


How about the small pixel art