VVV-CCCB Collaboration Topic :D of Candycane and KVJ!




Hi people, and qusids and other

This is a collab topic for KVJ and I.
Here we will discuss our collaboration, and maybe give sneak peaks and ask for feedback. We have a few projects coming soon so look out! You can also ask questions, give feedback, and give suggestions!

Please feel free to stalk it Elle XD.

Elle XD

das list-of-sweg-people



*free to stalk

Le gah I forgot!


Its wiki if you want to edit anything


Thank you for editing my project
And also the title, which I changed back to the true version xD

I'm gonna work on it for a bit, so please don't log in :)

EDIT:im done so its fine


Lol, missed all that :stuck_out_tongue:


Should we make a quick something for Halloween?

And use da OMTL?


Yes and yes :ghost::ghost:


Hmm I'll do it and start



What should it be of


Idek, you?


Well you said you were gonna start it so ;b


I did. I suggested it.

Your turn: idea


How about a pixel art



YOU GUYS ARE FREE TO SUGGEST :stuck_out_tongue:


What about coding TARDIS
lol bye





Maybe this.

It's not very complicated so it won't take long as Halloween is monday.

We can both do a bit


Omg yaas!! I'll so do that!!




It's not very big so can be done



Neva done smooth yet :0