VR on HS: what do u think?


I just bought a VR headset! Im working on a VR project on hopscotch. What do u guys think?


That's awesome. What type of games are u thinking of making for the VR headset?


That's cool! You should make something like,
Life as a ____


Awesome! I have a headset of my own and it'd be amazing to see VR in hopscotch! Good luck! :smile:


I'd love to see what you come up with


This sounds really cool, although I don't have a headset myself :(

Good luck, @bluedogmc-official, looking forward to seeing how it works


Well, I would start out simplie with something where you could turn around and see a moving emoji or something, then move on to complex games. I need to test the mechanism first.


Wow, you can do that on hopscotch?? That'd be a brilliant thing to see!


It would probably be a simple thing, with moving emojis or something.


Really cool! i'd love to see some cool games with VR :D


I have also thought of making a VR project in Hopscotch, but I haven't made one yet.