Voting for the best hopscotcher of 2015 (If You're Coming to Flag, Just Don't)



Stop flagging please!

What about second???


Another topic


Okay. Have you made the topic yet?


Nope, I was about to but then the other one got flagged :neutral_face:


Can't you put it in one topic? It'll clutter the forum no offense...


Best Hopscotcher award 1st place

-choice one

Arghhh.. .too lazy!


Why is it flagged? Jeez people


All of those were flagged
mainly I think because people were getting hurt self esteem
Don't get me wrong, I was feeling bad, but I didn't flag anything :confused:


Arghhh it HAS to be @MagmaPOP and if there is a second place i would like for it to be @OrangeScent1


Hey guys, to keep this topic on the forum, let's stop saying who we want to win and who we don't want to win :wink:


Ok I am going to start the project now.

So, stage, with music

Should it be an automatic slideshow or a book?

  • Book (Likemy Illuminati)
  • Automatic (Gets stuck in filter D:)



The best hopscotch forumer of 2015



You stuck my name with CC


Don't forget to separate
Creative coder and orangescent


And it hasnt been five minutes better change it now when u have the chance


I'm going to wait, because I'm scared that my iPad is gonna delete my draft again


Guys somebody start inviting again I've used my limit




Don't vote for your self !


I'm not in the poll :confused: