(VOTES NEEDED!) Forum Status Log (New Idea!)


Hi guys!

I got a new idea! Everyone's had that problem where they ask to themselves: is so and so online? But they have no way to check! So on her the idea is to post when you go online the forums and when you log off. That simple!

@Curved_Guitar online
4/9/16 6:57 PM EST

1 hour later...

@Curved_Guitar offline
4/9/16 7:57 PM EST

Should this become a new topic?

  1. Yes
  2. No



@Curved_Guitar online
4/9/16 6:59 PM EST


On the forum in someone's profile you can see it says Last seen and it says how long ago they were on the forum yours says Seen: Just now


@Deadfr on
8:00 PM Eastern Time Zone


I feel like this would take so long. When I'm on the forum, I'm usually just spending my time on the forum and leaving. I feel like it would be a pain to try to remember to post once when I get on and once when I leave. Also, I multitask a lot, so there isn't really a time when I come on and go off. Maybe that's just me. Just an opinion.


Yes I get that but it would be a bit more convenient to no for sure that they are offline.


Well... If it says just now there on of its a few min they just left


I respect your opinion and you have a valid point. I guess it's just cool to know who's online and what not.


Cast in your votes now!


I get it! Totally makes sense!!! I respect your opinions too!


Reviving topic...


What I think they should do is have another tab (new, latest) called "Online"! There would be a always-changing list of people that are on!


That's what I wish too... But this would be just in the mean time. Until hopefully they add it!