Vote which prologue is best!


Okay, so me and a couple of other hopscotchers are making a story about hopscotch. We need your help to figure out which prologue is best. Anyways, here are the people making the story with me:
@Nerd4Ever @RobotPro @JonnyGamer @seawolfwerehorse @Lightningstrike @Giraffedolphin26 @GysvANDRegulus

This is the prologue


Hooray! prologues :slightly_smiling:

  • GiraffeDolphin
  • Corvus
  • JonnyGamer
  • Fuzzy Fuzzbear
  • Nerd4Ever
  • LightningStrike
  • seawolfwerehorse


Be aware these aren't all finished.


What's the poll for? :sweat_smile:


It says "to figure out which prologue is best" in the original post


Who's prologue is best.


Read the first post.


That's all of the ones who made a prologue.


Ohh.. I see.. Okay, I'll check it out! :smile:


How about, when SWWH is done, we can make a real poll


Yeah, but he's almost done so..


Oh, ok then!
This will be suspensful...
But not really.


Lol, I can't wait to see the votes!


Robot Pro is still working on hers.


Gah! Who's a he and who's a her???
I don't know....


I don't really know, tbh..


RobotPro is not on the polls! We need a new one!


Oh noooo you make the poll I'm going to be on docs


Could you share it with I would like to edit

and write meh opinion