Vote for the best hopscotcher 2016


Vote for anyone who you think is good put their HS user and the winner will known as the best hopscotcher to ever live


Wouldn't that be kind of unkind to people if they don't get nominated/don't win?


Just saying there has been a ton of topics like this already


It's just for fun it's not like there's a prize


This might make people angry at me for being the best. Jk.


There already topics like this to make fun so many people can join


I agree with @KVJ, I think people would be upset if they weren't nominated. We are all great and I don't think we need people voting on who is the 'best'.


Yup. (Am I stalking you? Idek)



More are adding as I type! XD


Lolâ„¢ (for real)