Volume on sound

ABSOLUTELY. Great post.

This is another one of those things that keeps coming to mind that I keep forgetting to mention, every time there’s an “improvements” thread. I am glad you brought this up, @Wow_woman. And I like it for exactly the reason that @t1_hopscotch brings up.

At the risk of changing the subject, the only related thing that I would enjoy more than the volume option by itself would be the ability to generate sounds like this:

Play …w… with …f… frequency for …t… milliseconds at …v… volume.

Where w represents the simple waveform type, “sine” wave, "saw"tooth wave or “pulse”…
Where f represents frequencies over a much broader range than the xylophone…
And t and v speak for themslves.

A third sound-related feature that would probably be even easier to implement would be the inclusion of loopable sounds. Those are sounds that, when you play them, back to back, they seamlessly blend. That is exactly what you want for a simple background music hack.

As another sound tweak, it would sure be nice to be able to cut off those really long sounds that we now have. While I may not want the whooooole sample going on and on, someone could use the first part of the “wind” (or whatever) sound for a nice rocket noise, if it weren’t so long. And the first few milliseconds of the “cat” and “bird” sounds would make some decent warning signals or, again, whatever.

Finally, at the very least, it would be nice to have some sounds that are compatible with arcade-style game programming. More “pew pew” and “swish” and “kaboom” please! :smiley: