Volume Block In Hopscotch?



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I have an idea for a new block in Hopscotch. That block is a volume block.

As I’m currently making a new project in Hopscotch (it’s a music project with a couple of friends) I found something out mid song. One song has two parts playing at the same time, and without different volumes, it sounds like… well… a mess.
While I understand this won’t be easy to do, I hope you consider adding it.


ahhh my photoshop skills are poop


I have actually thought about making this topic for a very long time, and I thought of making a music maker, and to add volume.

I know that there’s already the volume buttons on your iPads, but we could control sound, making them as loud or soft as we want.

I think there could be a block that would change the volume block, kid of like this.

[image on top]

Volume could be measured 0-100, or the measurement you use using the volume buttons on your iPad— 0-16.

And @Xman0417, music can be really glitchy in Hopscotch, so watch out for that :wink:


I know. I’ve worked around it so it would work. Here’s the project


I’m photoshopping the picture rn


Ok lol


I’ve wanted this for FOREVER! Also add staccatos and accents maybe some other instruments…




I’ve made a topic about this too! I’ll post it soon


Here it is!


Ok. I didn’t know there was another topic.


I also wanted like another few notes above and below the staff too.


Also they should add note length. So, like you could put a note, and have the length of the note for a certain amount of time.


That could help too.


This would help with STMPWYFS especially. Too many little details, like the gaster theme motif


YES! This is absolutely what we need!


Don’t worry! If there are more topics about it, the HST will see it


Yeah that volume thing would fit perfectly.
Or maybe even a set volume. I would probably have that volume thing.


Oh this is your idea! It’s brilliant :smiley:


yes i think length could be added too


This is a great idea and it would be really cool!