Voltage - Electricity Unleashed


Hi everyone! Today I have some news about beta testing on a new game in development called Voltage. This game is about electricity and creating circuits. All the beta testers for PixelShooter can join. Here is a screenshot:

Well this is it, so far...

Beta testers:


The yellow square is a light, powered by the lever with the wire. :slightly_smiling:


I can test it out if you place a link here

Interesting idea for a game.
Until you work on it more, I won't understand what the goal of the game is.


I have just changed the game a little bit. Removing the lever and replacing it with a battery and removing the text. If you could try to make it so when the wire is touching the battery it turns red, and when it's not, it goes gray. Could you please try doing that? If you can it will be much appreciated. Link:



I volunteered to playtest your game. Not code for it.


I can test and code for it, if you want :wink::wink::wink:


I call beta testing! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


can i play beta without permission?whoops, i might have created a paradox.


I'll beta test for you ok?


nahhh(rest was stomped on by a pear)


Alright guys you can all beta test! Read my second post where it says what to do and fix. I'm trying to solve this, and if everyone else can help. It will be done much faster. :slightly_smiling:


Yes! Voltage Beta Build 1 is out! Fully working wire, a light and a battery. :slightly_smiling:



Thankyou again @BuildASnowman for showing me the wire logic. :slightly_smiling: Anyone reply with ideas or additions to Voltage.


In the meantime, why not a new build? Beta build 2:
Adding in a sound generator, and new sounds! :slightly_smiling:


Beta 3! Now you are able to turn all of your electrics, and many fixes! This game is doing great!
Enjoy :slightly_smiling:


Okay everyone, as I am the leader of this collab, I will be releasing all of the builds, and the testers will be creating ideas and little fixes and tweaks that I will add into builds (if it is necessary) so you all don't get confused. :slightly_smiling:


Not really a glitch, but I can run this from the back of the battery and the top of the battery!


Yes haha @Rawrbear Its not a glitch its just that if the wire is touching the battery. Pretty funny.


Beta build 4 will be out later today (5:00 if you are in Australia) or sometime around that! :slightly_smiling:


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