Voltage - Electricity Unleashed ~ OUT NOW!


After a great time with the beta testers, we have developed a game. A game of games. An electrifiying game. May I present to you...

Voltage - Electricity Unleashed

With over 5 gadgets to get you started, and up to 5 choosable rotators, it will be enough to electrify your mind.

Build Awesome circuits, contraptions and more!

I present to you.....

Voltage - Electricity Unleashed

Available NOW



Everyone Version 1.1 is out. Just a quick little graphic update (Like the random grey rectangle up the top on the title screen, and on the gadget side when playing, on the left of the gadget side there is white. All of this, fixed. :slightly_smiling:


when you update next please place labels beneath the parts so they can be identified.


Also, can you add directions?


@Stradyvarious I will in 1.11 Sorry I actually forgot to add labels in! :stuck_out_tongue: @Kiwicute2015 What do you mean by directions?


If you mean rotating the objects, you can! Just hover the object over the turning arrow on the right-bottom and it will turn! By the way everyone. I have a great idea for the 1.2 update. Hehe


I'm not sure what the point is, although it looks very cool.