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Hi, and welcome. I may not be famous in hopscotch but I just wanted to create a general topic. You can chat laugh but no cursing cuz dat not cool. Be nice and you'l live a full life, but if not then I'll come to haunt your soul. I will answer questions ASAP and feel free to suggest project ideas.


Make a potato. Potatoes are amazing.


Should I make it a pixel art or a game


How about both? :stuck_out_tongue:


Btw welcome! Tag me anytime you need help :slight_smile:


Ok, I'm trying to do that with another project so if it doesn't work out can you help me choose one or the other?


Welcome to the forum @VolcanicBlast!




Thanks, i'm excited to be here. (Sorry for the late reply)


Hello. How's it going?


It's going pretty good if I say so myself.

I'm working on a game called The Jungle Chronicles


Whoa! @VolcanicBlast, thanks so much for the shoutout in your bio! It's FearlessPhoenix, so you could put that in so that it's an actual link to my bio. Same thing for @Petrichor, there's no space in his username. Thank so much for the shoutout again!


Your welcome, all of the shout outs I gave were to people who stood out to me