(Void) Remixes: a NEW Kind of Hopscotch "Credit"


You know the drill...

You spent "sooooo much time!" making your latest-and-greatest project! It's your most clever work yet! It's brilliant! You can just hear the applause! You can feel the warm glow of other's praise and admiration, showered upon you! Ah, the glory! And you deserve it. The WORLD (of... Hopscotch) will be YOURS (ok...for the day)!

But just then, you look to the "activities" tab and...:cry:

"Heeeaaay! Somebody remixed my project... and didn't... [snif]... didn't even...[sniff]... change anything. No Fair! And they didn't... [snif, snif]... didn't... [snif]... even give me any credit!"

I know. That's not "fair". Nope. It's brutal. Been there. Big time. In real life, I've been a magnet for it, and I don't like it at all. But what to do?

I am sad to see so many posts about this (imaginary) problem in Hopscotch - sad to see you distracted from your activities by this (non) concern. And, you know what? I think i might be able to cheer you up. And i might have a practical solution. Either way, there are lessons to be learned in everything. Consider the following:

"Credit" and "likes" cost the giver nothing and have no intrinsic value.

Therefore they have no value to you. When someone doesn't give 'em, you've lost nothing. 'Nuff said.

You may have just received a glowing compliment!

Think about it. If they press on a little heart, big deal. That's nice and all, but if they take the additional step to remix your project, unchanged, that may be a way of saying to everyone, "I like this project so much that I wouldn't change it one bit. I want people to see the original coder's name in the upper-right corner, so they might 'get' more 'likes' and 'followers'." At least they're going to the trouble to "do" that much. And it does get more eyeballs on something YOU made.

It happens to all of the most "popular" or "famous" coders.

Don't believe it? Just take a look. You'll see (void) remixes of a lot of other really cool coders' projects. (Or should I say, "other coders' really cool projects?" Meh, nvm.). Hey, if you're being treated the same way, maybe you're more "popular" or "famous" than you think! Happy thought...? At least a teensy bit? Maybe a LOT?

Great coders are mostly too busy to care, when it happens to them.

They're working on their next amazing thing. They're focusing their minds and creativity on what's next, instead of dwelling on what's old news for them. They're smart to do that. They know that the only way a "copy cat" or (void) remixer can actually take anything away from them for real is if they let the imitation consume something that is very real: their precious time. You're a great coder, right? Your project got remixed. Imagine how you'd feel if nobody even wanted to "remix" your stuff.

I'm not "famous" (and i don't care) but, still...

This (void) remixing happens to me all the time. Ha, ha. In fact, except for something I make that encourages kids to draw on it it before remixing, these "do-nothing" remixes are just about the ONLY kind of remixes I see on any day! There are some really nice exceptions, of course. And I always "like" 'em (i don't even know why). But I hardly ever see something more done with my stuff. Even when I go out of my way to try to make changing and remixing easy! I guess that's life. Hakuna matata.

I happen to know an even more powerful way than the "blank space" object-name hack to get your name into your code, but you don't need it.

It's not even important. Ok, sorry for bringing it up, but I don't want people exploiting it too much. You, who know it, please don't say anything. Please? Cause, then it will get coded-out of the Hopscotch app, and you and I won't even be able to use it any more.

The best part of all could a very simple, "martial arts" solution from you and from the Hopscotch Team.

There's a really simple truth here: Sometimes, the best move is "When they push, don't push back. Instead...PULL! Pull with all of your strength, plus theirs!" I once had a coder post a copy of my work with the title "My Idea". Rather than get upset, I re-mixed his remix with words of encouragement. Through kindness, I never saw that kind of "piracy" happen again. And you could do the same! You can re-mix the re-mixes with your own words of encouragement. These special remixes could then "stand guard" around your castle (if you see it that way), like trophies or the lifeless skulls of those who dare attempt to raid your code treasures! Ever heard of "Vlad the Impaler?" Of course I'm being silly.

Rather than whine to the HT and ask them to police and to to shut-down the (void) remixers, we can turn the whole thing to the community's advantage. That's right. All we might need (I propose) is for the HT to add a "remix" counter to each project. See where I'm going with this...? So, instead of "taking" your "credit" away from you when they (void) remix your project, remixers of all stripes will be "giving" you "credit". Remixing is yet another valid way of measuring the "popularity" of a project. The more "remixes" the more "popular" a project in that sense. Is it not so? Not only that, any person can see that projects that actually encourage remixing are exactly what the HT want to see you make. That way, people are actually learning from each others' code. It would make sense to encourage Hopscotchers to make their projects as clear and re-mixable as possible! How do we do that? Simple: add the counter and create the new category! Surely you can guess what it would be called: Yes, a "Most-Remixed" (all time or for some period) category.

Welcome to the dojo, remixers!

So could that be done? Of course. That is, if the HT want to "build" and "play" and revise their own code that way. :wink: It's their dojo, after all. But then you guys would all be happy(!) instead of sad or mad(!) about the situation. Inverted happy faces (:anguished:) would be restored to their non-inverted states (:laughing:).

If you agree, you can invite them to view this thread. I won't. I need to go have some chips and salsa (What a wonderful invention!).

In the end (as from the beginning), all that matters is that you are learning, that you are coding and having a blast and enjoying your own accomplishments and that you're sharing that experience with others. And even if you don't always get that chance, please keep in mind: Some of your greatest performances will be for an audience of one. Don't miss them, because of what others are doing.



Ran out of likes :wink:


I'm not famous but my projects get remixed without changes very often. :neutral_face:


Yes! Perfectly said!! I (honestly) don't get the big deal (and have never, even when not 'famous') why people get annoyed when other hopscotchers remix their projects, especially without changing a thing.


it does get annoying but it wears off in about 2 seconds, now when they replace my tag with "made by insert_name_here" (sorry if that's a real username) that's when I get mad... :angry:


Annoying, maybe, in the sense that it's not something more substantial or fulfilling than someone sticking his or her name on our stuff. But, again, it's still probably a lot more validating than when you publish a project and absolutely nobody even pays attention to it.

And there's something else that matters. For all you or I know, the little guy or little girl just needed something to identify with or to feel happy about in that moment. There are a lot of kids coming from a lot of different circumstances in a Hopscotch "community" that is open to the whole world. Would I let him or her have it? Of course I would. It's the least expression I can make of my gratitude for the chance I have to create. Yes, I will gladly let someone else have his or her little moment with my project at the (non) expense of a little "credit". And I will gladly help him or her, if asked, to do even more. That's the only winning strategy I know.

And as far as anyone else's opinion is concerned (those who see the remix), well... do you and I really care about gaining the "credit" of someone who is too lazy to notice that our user names appear in the upper-right corner of the remix? I sure don't. I've got better things to do. So do you. "Celebrate!" I say. Celebrate that moment when somebody shows that they actually want to be you. Think about it.

Am I making any sense? I mean, it's not like there's any money on the table, here.


ik, but that's it, despite the circumstances, I don't care whether the project gets no views or 10,000 likes, this person decided to steal my hard work, or anybody's, to get what you and I both agree is nothing, a few likes... that is the part that upsets me, not only do they steal it, I'd be fine if they left the tag in there, but they went out of thier way to scratch my name off of it, claim it as thier own, and publish it, for nothing, stealing on it's own is a horrible act, but for nothing? you just stole nothing, at the point where that is something that people do, steal the equivalent of nothing, that's just... that's what upsets me, not the likes, not that they get follows, not that they even took my stuff, but that thier morals say that that's ok, it may be worthless, but to steal something that is worthless? I see no point other than just to steal it, like killing just to kill, or lying just to lie, none of these concepts are morally correct


Just use a secret trick do they can't
Tap text, do a space tap done, when ipad is tapped set pos to x ? Y ?, set text to 'created by (username) untap it, and YOU=DONE!!!!!!!!!!


I agree @PopTart0219


Stop. Please.


How many likes do you get?


50 for Member
100 for Regular (he had Regular I think)


Oh my god Anon wow